Tegrensee Beauty Saloon

Tegrensee Beauty Saloon is an another addition to the member of Dr. Khalid Al Jamal Group since 2002, it was then specialized to meet women’s needs in terms of the word beautification, it was then evolved and brought a whole spectrum of professional hair and skin care services under one roof.

We are now a one stop destination for grooming and personal care. It made us a commercial success story with many brands trying to emulate us. Tegrensee Beauty Saloon has achieved epic proportions with a loyal clientele. We offer world class services and products with affordable prices that have been made the salon an industry leader. We are constantly expanding and capturing new territories.

Tegrensee Beauty Salon has created a dynamic and powerful image offering professional hair and skin services with procedures and products standardized to meet stringent quality control. The customer will sense the visible difference when they come to Tegrensee Beauty Salon. The clientele completely trusts the solutions provided by the center and the customer loyalty and word-of-mouth recommendations helped to absorb new customers, who wish to leverage the center for their beauty and wellness.