About Us

Established in 1982, Dr.Khalid Al Jamal Group is a well known group located in Al-Ain which offers services in medical and personal care field. The customer focus and service has enabled Dr.Khalid Al Jamal Group to build the reputation as one of the most trusted names in the field of comprehensive healthcare. With the aim of the healthcare for the whole family, the clinic began firstly by Dr. Khalid Al Jamal, a specialist pediatrician in Al-Ain, where such a facility was in great need at the time.

The clinic was located in the heart of Al-Ain, a part of the capital city Abu-Dhabi, UAE. Over a period of time, the clinic had expanded into a full-fledged medical center with a team of qualified doctors, technicians and healthcare professionals. The center kept up with the demands of the times and had grown now into one of the best multi-specialty centers in the private healthcare sectors in Al-Ain, equipped with the most modern facilities. In 2002, the group had also entered into the personal care field, by setting up a high class Tegrensee Beauty Salon. In 2005, a full-fledged pharmacy was started then, in order to cater the growing demands for medicines.

Al- Jamal